Thanks for landing to my blog ,I started writing the blog for two reasons.

1)  I learned most of the things by  myself through reading tutorials on the internet and experimenting with the solutions found from web.I wanted to contribute something to help people like me who wants to learn things independently and needs a start up solution.

2) Sometimes you get stuck in serious problem. At that time some little comment or content related to your problem  or conversation with right person might just spark in your mind and problem get solved. On this blog you will find some critical problems and their  solutions that came across during my work experience that might help you.please feel  free to contact me if I may help you anyhow.

Well about me technology ,computer language does not bother me. I can program in any language from assembly to .NET, matlab. I have worked on text file manipulation to complex database design in SQL servers.I have played with 8bit  controller to arm9 series of processors.Lot more to say but I should stop here.Difficulty of the  problem makes me to stick with the problem til I solve it. Gradually I developed a sense to understand the machine.It says that machine never makes mistake but programmer may. Sometimes , The reason of failure is incompatible environment for machine(who are working on embedded and robotics may easily  connect to my statement 😉 ). It is just about to backtrack your steps and identify your mistakes.

I graduated in  2010 from L.D college of Engineering in Computer Engineering. I Participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009,egypt  with project “Gnosio The Light” and  Our team was semifinalist .I was Team Leader of  Team ABU Robocon 2010 of L.D college of Engineering.Currently working in “StealthFlash”. It is start up company.We are doing research and development  in mobile technology ,human computer interface,image processing , machine learning and trying to give some upcoming innovation to the world. More information you can find out on .

Well that is too much about me. I would appreciate your feedback on blog post.