Today I submitted Multi-touch driver of kinect for windows 7  to multi-touch vista project. Windows7 multitouch application now can be used with kinect.



OpenNI 1.3.2 or above and NITE or above ,Multi-TouchVista
How to install:
Extract files to folder “AddIns” . Select NITEProvider by running file Multitouch.Configuration.WPF.exe.
Wave Gesture to focus.
Grab Gesture To touch one need to do grab gesture and move one’s hand keeping fist closed.Open fist removes the contact from screen. Green dot means no contact to screen. Yellow means can now perform grab gesture to touch screen. Red means point is in contact with screen. Grab gesture should be done by facing hand to sensor.
Remark: Needs improvement in Grab Gesture. You need to first steady your hand then you can perform Grab Gesture.
Future work :Push Gesture need to be added for generating touch event instead of Grab Gesture.(Push Gesture is not support for multi handpoint by NITE in c#) .Code will be submitted soon.