>Summer 2008 had been great fun. This year I joined the ROBOCON Team. We(ROBOCON Team of L.D. College of Engineering) went to Pune to participate in the competition. We just came back after the great trip to Pune.While arranging the things back at the ROBOCON office, I found Sony PS2 remote. I used to drive manual robot with Sony PS2 remote in ROBOCON. The idea of using this remote to play the games excited me. The only step left for me was to attach it with my laptop using USB. Believe me, USB is not that simple as it seems to be. It came up as one of the most complicated protocol I have ever come across. Those days I was playing around ATMEL ATmega8,16,32 and that time these were the best controller we could get.After searching for few days , I found V-USB. to implement USB protocol. Don’t get scared but ya this was my first recording…!!

NFS Underground2 gave me enough motivation to make a small device so that it looks compact. After settling all the hardware components in small device, I was ready to give my second shot…!!! Now here It is , final presentation with Prince of Persia….!!!!
Please check other post to understand how it works and to download source.